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pantc  the biggest termite service providing company in Lahore, we constantly care the pest infestation problems of our customers. We are specialists in pest control sevices.

Customer Satisfaction- Our Priority (PAKNTC)

PAKNTC avoid from the the usage of harsh and sturdy chemicals. We have large enjoy in relation to handling or manipulate pest infestation with a primary emphasis on entire customer satisfaction.Remember, get a organization that gives you 24-hour services too. You need to understand that you may be capable of rely on your organization to hold you secure and guarded in any respect hours, now no longer simply those when you are awake. PAKNTC provide offerings protecting a number hours depending to your need. PKntc guarantees to come out at any time of day or night.

Different Types of Treatment

There are many method of treatment but the most conventional and effective method is the use of termicides such as FIPRONIL in the covered area

Pak ntc

   Services We offer 

Termite Control Services

Need Termite Control Service in Your Home, Office or Commercial Building?

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Bed Bugs Control

PAKNTC, allow you to do away with those insects timely. We use a satisfactory bed bug treatment chemical this is responsive and good to use. 

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Pest Control Services

Nabeel Termite Control is a pest treatment enterprise that has been constructed primarily based totally on powerful and modern strategies of pest management. Staffed with a few expertly skilled and professional technicians.

Water Tank Cleaning

if you are Looking for the best water tank cleaning in Lahore?

Call PAKNTC today and enjoy the best water tank cleaning services in your area. Just  call now and pakntc professional water tank cleaning team will be at your doorstep within the given time.

Lawn Spray

Pak NTC also provides Lawn Spray Service in your City 


Watar Proofing

Our experienced team at pakntc services proud to giving best waterproofing service in every city of Pakistan with best chemical treatment solutions such as roof leakage proofing, roof leakage repair,

Corona Disinfectant Spray

PAKNTC provides a disinfection Service to remove or Damage microorganisms (pathogens) that can cause diseases in humans and animals.

Dengue Spray

Pak NTC begin with the identification of mosquito mass production roots and give away the ongoing services on a timely basis for our residential and commercial pest control clients in Karachi and Lahore and every city of Pakistan.

Residential and Commercial Pest Treatment

At pak ntc, we offer residential and commercial control services in all over Pakistan all through the year to guarantee you and your family stay safe. crawling pests like cockroaches, termites, and other pests destroy the foundations and structures of your property as well as the people living in it. Termites damage furniture, as cockroaches do.


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PAKNTC panel is available 24 hours. it will not be wrong to say that paakntc

is the best pest company in Pakistan providing services in every city of Pakistan








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Our Features

  • Best termicides and pest control Chemicals
  • Very Experienced staff
  • 5 year guarantee of termite treatment
  • provide 24/7 support to our costumers
  •  Free inspection service








Termite Control

Bed Bugs treatment

Mosquito Control

Dengue spray

Corona disinfectant spray

Residential treatment

Commercial treatment